About Us

Metal Spinning

This is a fine art and takes years of practice. There are different types of spinning. We use a powerful CNC machine which can spin 10mm thick and can also spin 0.9. We have a good selection of spinning rollers so we can offer the best finish possible.

Tool Making

This is where it all starts, our experienced tool makers will ensure that tools are not only made to a high quality but can be maintained to ensure good quality spinning’s at all times. Thanks to our new CNC turning we are ableto machine up to 1.6 metres.

Circle Cutting

Once we have the tool we are ready to cut a blank. Here above you can see the blades shearing through 6mm thick material. The blank is then placed onto the pile ready for spinning.

Hot Spinning

Thanks to our 3 speed oil cooled gear box, we are able to HOT spin. This gives a large range of options when spinning special metals.